Monday, September 12, 2011

yesterday fasting went amazing. i'm on hour 34 right now :) woo
the hunger high is kicking in. maybe i'll get re-addicted this time, and then the binge addiction will go the fuck away?
i am distracting myself with homework >:D skinny and smart what what


  1. Congrats on the fast but do take care. :)
    I kind of like the addicted thing you get to fasting. It completely killed my bingeing addiction. Bad thing is... Well it's made me not want to eat anything at all. :/

    I distract myself with homework all the time. When college is actually on that is. :P

  2. :D

    Remember to go s-l-o-w when you finish your fast, ok? So you don't give the binge a chance to lep in >.<

    Lol, I'm trying to remind myself to exercise more again. Mandatory jumping on the spot while the jug boils and the like.

    OMFG you must cartoon that shit. Which NIN song were you listening to? I went to one of their concerts here. 'Twas alright, even though I'm not the biggest fan in the world it was a truly EPIC night!