Friday, September 16, 2011

100 days until christmas, day 100

stats: 32-28-35 (146 pounds)
goal for today: liquids only. under 500 calories.
500 crunches.

i want to have abs by halloween so i can wear sexy costumes instead of regular ones. just cuz i've never been able to before.
also, i made a mini calendar for this 100 day thing. a notecard for each day saying how many days left and every like ten days or so imma write my weight/measurements :) i only have to lose 16 pounds by christmas, so i have plenty of time, but i mainly want to perfect my restricting and get to a point where drinking a bathtub full of water doesn't make me gain like 6 pounds of water weight. and also, i need to stop binging everytime i come home. my family has like no food in the house now, after 6 binges in 2.5 days, and my mom is working two jobs and still doesn't have money for enough food, so i feel really bad now. i mean, all the things i binged on i made sure there was a lot of it, or that it was food that my mom and brother don't eat a lot of, like pasta and oatmeal. so i didn't eat any of the "good" food. and also because it doesn't really matter what you binge on if you're just gonna throw it up, so i didn't binge on anything like really delicious. except cookies, but they were really old and hard so i figured it was ok lol
today will consist of coffee water tea juice and gatorade to get my electrolytes back in order (so peri doesn't shoot me through the computer). i have to help my om move furniture and stuff all day, so i can't just like pass out in front of her, she would flip shit and i don't want to scare her any more than i already do.

i will catch up you guys's blogses laters when i'm not trying not to die in front of my mom. <3


  1. Aww this post really inspired me! I'm so excited to hear about the progress of your plan :) That made me laugh about the binge foods, and how it doesn't really matter what the food is haha... I've def been there ;)
    Good look with day 100! You can definitely do this :)

    <3 <3 <3

  2. I didn't realize it was 100 days until Christmas. I think I'll do 500 crunches today too. I want a flat tummy (with or without noticeable abs) by my birthday (October 19th) or Halloween would be ok too.
    Don't pass out. That would not be good. If I could, I would fast with you but being around my mom, she would get suspicious if I didn't eat. Good luck though!