Monday, September 5, 2011

i just wanna say real quick...

that these guys are awesome :)
run, beth, kes, karolina, sam lupin, molly, and of course charlie and peri
thanks so much for bearing with me while i am a whiny little bitch :p lol


  1. psh. YOU are the one who is awesome! and I am willing to bet I am whinier and bitchier!! haha Love you, girly. Stay strong.

  2. I just wrote you an awesomely long comment and then closed the window before I sent it. :(

    And now I'm suuuuper lazy and gross and need a shower. But I love you, and you are not a whiny little bitch. <3

  3. YOU are wonderful, for sticking around through my whiny depressed suicidalness *Huggles* You have every right to whine if you feel like it!

    Lol, I need a button more green tea and crunches to deflate my belly. I swear it takes three days to reduce the bloat after working to manageable proportions :'(

    Also: FUCK the peer pressure. Just saying. No point in doing something just coz people think you should. All it does is makes you feel unhappy and unconfortable.

    Wtf? You're not even 20 yet? Mygod I feel like a crone next to you! I'm 24, hitting the 1/4-century in November D: *Is old lady*

    Hope you're having a good day <3