Friday, September 2, 2011

whenever i see girls complain about bingeing on like 200 or even 600 calories, i think to myself that i must be a bigger failure than them, because i binged on like 4000, and couldn't purge it all out :(
but for the life of me, i cannot ever seem to purge small quantities >:( if i have like a piece of cake i cant just go throw it up and it pisses me off more than ever.


  1. *Huggles*

    I hear you. Wooo a 200cal binge? Really? My heart bleeds custard. How about a 2000-3000 binge you cannot purge and can only restrict away the damage over the course of WEEKS.

    I can't let myself start purging, weak teeth run in my family and mine are already see-through in places from low calcium :'( I just can't afford dentures.

    Hope you're having a better day today <3

  2. When they moan about 200 calorie binges (boo hoo) its fucks me off. Makes me remember my 40,000cal oreo binge. Only binges over 2000 gets my simpathy.
    Hope you feel batter. pro-tip drink water till you feel sick/ are bloated- we're talking 6-10 glasses. That will help you get stuff up.

  3. That's because people use the word "binge" wrong. The definition of a binge is basically "eating more calories than a normal person would eat in the same amount of time". Compulsive eating is not bingeing. Also, binges tend to be more purposeful for a lot of people, from what I've seen....I compulsively eat, but when I binge I go "screw it" and buy tons of food.