Saturday, September 3, 2011

lost 2 lbs since school started. even after binge last night :/ not enough.
im not eating until after my birthday.

i am an emotional wreck i went to my little brothers football game and cried because he plays with so much heart..
wtf is wrong with me?

i had an amazing day!
i feel manic :D
and i have been purging all day but that is besides the point because today was awesome and i love my little brother <333

i purged like 5 gallons of water today... like, not food, like i binged on water??? wtf???
all these came from today btw, in order.... im a bipolar mess :p

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  1. I purge water too. Especially when fasting. I find it so weird! Like, wtf? explaining that to my doctor nearly made me laugh lol. I guess that urge and need to purge sticks around even when you haven't eaten.