Tuesday, September 13, 2011

as promised :)

it ended up being 52 hours because i didn't wake up until 8, didn't eat until 9.
i broke my fast with peanut butter, my roommate's, because i have no food except dried beans, and while i was waiting for them to cook i had a spoon of peanut butter :)
i have literally nothing after those beans and the one bag of popcorn are gone. i'm trying to stretch it out until thursday night, when i go home. i am so excited to go home because there will be food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaa :D
um... today i feel rested. a little dizzy from the fasting and because i probably didn't drink enough water, and also because cigarettes make me dizzy sometimes. anybody else get dizzy while smoking, or is it just me?
bleh :)
so now i'm just chillin in the library, sippin on some water.
i'm reading wintergirls. part of me wants to fast until i'm done with this book. i think that is a genius idea. but then i will be more likely to binge when i go home... so idk.
maybe i'll do that with the next book i read.

lol when i'm at the library, and i have to use the restroom, i turn on my webcam and put this up on my laptop cuz im too lazy to pack all my stuff up especially if i'm just gonna come back to this same spot :p hehehe


  1. That's so good :) Go you! I think the tally marks are quite a clever idea.

  2. Heya, I also get very dizzy from smoking, especially if I haven't eaten. I enjoy it though :) When I sit in the library I put up "FUCK OFF" on my screen. :) Thanks for the post! Always enjoy reading.

  3. im so glad u sed that i thought it was just me! if i havnt eaten (and even sometimes when i have) i get dizzy and shaky from smoking, not that that will stop me :) xx