Saturday, September 24, 2011

i feel like im on crack! >:D i binged and purged almost everything for the first time in a while. do any of you know the high feeling from purging? like, remember the very first time you actually got high from it?? i haven’t felt that way since the first time. omfg. and i cleaned the whole fucking house >:D and i made cookies >:D i refuse to gain while my mom is losing. watch, she’ll get home and be all like “GASP YOU MADE COOKIES OMNOMNOMNOM” and i’ll sip my green tea and be all like tehehehehehehehe

imma finish this green tea, go shower, maybe drink another cup of green tea or possibly just go straight for the vodka, cuz we is drankin tonight!

does anybody else feel the need to shave their legs, wash their face and hair like five times, and scrub their skin raw after b/p???feels so awesomeeeeeee

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  1. yup, the vows get me high. I crave the high. It's why bulimia is so addictive. It's deffo something you have to experience to "get it." It's also something that isn't talked about, rather than telling about ED objectively, they are always shown as either Horribly Bad or High & Mighty (by dumb people, imo).

    EDs suck. All of them, but there is good and bad aspects of them.