Thursday, September 15, 2011

ahaha peri <3

i feel a little better now, it is 7:30 am, my mom just left for work and i will be home alone until like 4 ish. i have a plan!

plan A: weigh-in, coffee (with milk for calcium= 65), breakfast (eggs & banana or oatmeal? ~200), toning exercises for 30 min(-270), DDR for two hours (-1000), lunch (vegetables. 100), finish wintergirls, drink a bathtub full of water, dinner (salad. 100) TOTAL=500 max.

i have to be good today. if not, then i have a plan b for if i binge. i planned out plan b before i came up with plan a….

plan b: weigh-in, coffee (milk= 65), binge/purge, breakfast (eggs, banana. ~200), toning exercises (-270), DDR (-1000), drink bathtub, lunch (vegetables. 100), wintergirls, toning exercises, binge/purge, dinner (salad. 100). TOTAL=500 max.

((plan c: fast.)) ((plan d: b/p all day, no other food.))

i weigh 144 :'( so i only lost 3 pounds in two weeks, except i know i was less than that yesterday morning. but considering i did binge last night and might not have gotten all of the first binge out, i am ok with this. my upper limit used to be 155, so now i think i am lowering that to 150. as long as i am under 150 no matter what, then i won't die. but i hope tomorrow i am 144 or less.

i havent had milk in my coffee in so long 0__0 this is fucking delicious!


i have binged and purged four times since 6pm yesterday.

part of me wants to tell somebody and part of me is like FUCK YEAH BITCHES I HAD 32378 CALORIES TODAY AND IM STILL 144!!!!!!!!!

i need inpatient. bleh :))

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