Wednesday, September 7, 2011

it has been wayyyy too long since i have drank this much water :O i'm peeing like every ten minutes. when i first started this i did like 6 day water fasts where i would drink 20 glasses of water a day and i didn't pee this much then!!! i don't get it. dehydration sucks :p
but maybe this will help me bust through this rough spot i've been at for like a year. i need to be in the 30s soon. i felt probably 147 ish this morning, but i don't have a scale in my dorm so :(
i have classes today, then workout tonight. i have all my food already laid out and sorted and ready to go that way when i go to eat i don't have to think about "hmm what should i eat oh this looks good but it has calories nvm i wont eat" planning ahead is really helping me this time. i ended yesterday right at about 600 calories, and today will be about the same depending on if i eat all the popcorn i packed for myself while i'm on campus today.
i need some money :( being a broke college kid sucks, all i have really is vegetables and popcorn and cereal. i need protein. i have beans but that's about it. i will be out of protein shakes by the end of this week :( hopefully i can talk my grandma into getting me some. or at least giving me some money for like eggs and soymilk and stuffs.
i'm kind of apathetically hopeful today. i know that sounds like a weird combination, trust me, it feels just as weird as it sounds lol
i have philosophy class in 20 minutes, i will update you guys later tonight on how i did today :)
btw, how is everyone else doing? i'm trying really hard to keep up with your blogs. there are so many! i love this community, i really do :) <3


  1. After a few days you'll won't be so much so just hang in there!!

    You sound like your holding up well so far.
    Have a good day and keeping my fingers crossed and wishing for the 30s for you


  2. Oh really? I rarely drink water. I drink coffee twenty-four seven though and that's...not really good xD.
    I hope you feel better! I'm hoping to see 147 next time I hop on the scale which is...never. I am not checking the scale until I am pretty sure there's a drop not a gain, xD. I'll let my pants direct me to safety.