Friday, September 9, 2011

this was almost exactly 3500 calories. i had it in and out in a little over an hour, and this was just the first of three binges. it included the pizza, candy bar, a big peanut butter cup cookie, some oreos, some ritz crackers, a bowl of ramen, and half a box of cookie crisp cereal, and also a protein shake cuz it was chocolate flavored :)i dont regret this binge, just the other two, which were basically ramen, crackers, water and beans...

so i walked all over campus with jake's old friend jonny and he got me high and i ate popcorn and watched inception.
and the rest of the weekend i will be in the library. or the gym.
plan for today: already had breakfast (140) might possibly fast the rest of the day or have a protein shake or something. after my binge yesterday i seriously have only dried beans, some quinoa, and frozen veggies, and one packet of popcorn left...
so yeah.
oh! i have a starbucks giftcard...... idk what the hell i would get there, everything is loaded with sugar... maybe a green tea. i haven't had green tea in a long time.
okay time to go to the library and read for my classes and work on my novel and look up thinspo and basically be a hobo :) i love the library #thisiswhyihavenofriendslol

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  1. Hey, what site are you using for counting calories and such? It looks great! :)