Friday, September 9, 2011

so it's friday night. i have all my homework done. and now i'm just sitting on my ass on my laptop refreshing my tumblr dashboard and wishing i had friends who gave a shit :/
bleh. i really should have gone home this weekend but i dont want to binge again (even though i had like 1600 calories today) and the guy i got high with last night (my bf's friend) is dj-ing tomorrow night and i wanna go. the only bad thing is i don't want to go alone, but i have no one to go with me............................

what i need to do tonight:

  • shower (and shave my legs :p)
  • paint toenails
  • print my poem for class
  • read

what i wanted to do tonight:

  • workout
  • smoke weed
  • drink lots of vodka
  • talk to people

what im currently doing:

  • eating beans
  • watching inception
  • tumbling
  • chipping the polish off my nails
plan: drink 8 glasses of water before i go to bed tonight, wake up at 8 tomorrow, cardio for an hour, protein shake, long walk in the nature trails, lunch if i can find food (without money…), water fasting the rest of the day, maybe take a nap… such is the life of someone with shitty friends who don't give a fuck :/

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