Sunday, September 11, 2011

i want to fast today. i want to workout today. should i save my workout for a day when i eat, or should i save my fast for another day?

technically i could do both but i dont want to work out hardcore and not replenish my muscles and such. i worked too hard to gain the muscle mass back that i lost when i got really unwell last time.
but i really want to fast and lay around on my fat lazy ass all day because i walked for two hours yesterday for cigarettes AND went to a rave party didnt get home until 4am, on top of a hardcore workout i did yesterday morning............ needless to say i am tired, and i should probably take a "rest day" and eat tons of protein.
problem is, i dont have any protein at all, unless popcorn has protein... so i might just fast and let my muscles rest. i might go for a walk later or something, walk to the library and hang out in there for a bit. i love the library. except i know for a fact i will be in there all day everyday this week, mon-thurs. and i dont have any homework really. i could go work on my novel?

sorry if it seems like i am ranting, i feel kind of on a cloud right now and i am trying to organize my thoughts. lol i smoked a lot of weed at the rave last night. my friend johnny was one of the DJs, and there were a lot of drugs at that place, like omg. this guy i knew there gave me x. it was ok, but i didnt get to take enough for the full effects, but i guess that is a good thing. dont wanna have a bad first trip :p he was on a lot of shrooms, as well... the whole thing was just funny because i was the most sober person there, and i was high and on ecstasy, holding a beer, bobbing my head to some of dj johnny's dubstep :)
OH and i didnt feel very fat last night but its probably because i walked and exercised so much and i wore a huge tee shirt. i had the munchies like a mofo though haha

anyways, i think i have decided to just fast today and take a nice shower and paint my nails and do girly-myself-time stuff today. and i downloaded wintergirls on .pdf so i want to read that as well. (i might take a trip to the library to read, and then i'll get like 30 min. total of walking exercise, which is ok for fasting)

ok so i hope everyone is doing ok, i know some of you are struggling at the moment, and i just want to say i love you :)

i'm doing a 50 hour fast.
last time i ate was around 4:30-5:00 am, so i’m on hour 8. no solids until 7am on tuesday. i will drink water, coffee, tea, clear broth, etc. if i work out monday i will have a protein shake.
i’m gonna be doing the whole tally mark thing on my arm too, to keep me motivated. i’ll take a picture when i’m done. anyone wants to join, let me know :)


  1. Fasting with some walking/light exercise sounds like a good plan. Just take some time out and relax. You did a lot of working out and everything yesterday.

  2. how do you do the mark thing? and Wintergirls is SUCH a great book. Like, OMG! the greastest book EVER written. True Story...

  3. GO LOOOOKKKKK!!! I'm so proud. :)