Tuesday, September 13, 2011

this was me breaking a fast. i know it's not a lot and definitely not enough protein and i know i should eat more but i feel like this was WAY too much, like i totally could have skipped the peanut butter, and the soup mix had a lot of sodium in it... :/ meh

this excerpt from wintergirls makes me want to fast tomorrow. i have seriously cried multiple times reading this book already. this part right here, though, is what i aim for, the numbness that starving brings. i did it once, i can do it again. i do not want to feel this shit anymore, and honestly i'm so lonely that if my tummy growled, i would probably talk back to it. also, i would love to be a cute little hamster.


  1. that really is a wonderful book. I can't read it enough!

  2. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK the cat pulled out the intertubes cord and I lost the comment! FUCK!!

    I love what you do at the library. I get pissed off with the kiddies who leave shit all over the tables for hours when they go to class. The library people get pissed off coz they have to deal with the precious little snowflakes whining that their stuff got nicked >.< I want to grab it all and take it to lost property XD

    I love Wintergirls! I read it online, but I wish I had a real, papery copy. I have copies of Wasted, Perfection and Starving For Attention, so I really can't complain. That last one has a horrific reminder to NOT get hooked on laxies. Imagine waking up in a pool of your own liquidated excrement. Gross!

    I need to stop snarfing peanut butter by the spoonful and just buy actual dry-roasted peanuts. More chewing and fewer calories without all the added oil and sugar and crap >.<

    Are you a Trekkie? If not, I think you may still like this. Sqee-filled, chortling slashy NIN goodness XD

    Good luck tomorrow! Love you!