Thursday, September 22, 2011

passed out at like midnight, woke up crying at 4am, no hangover, feel totally normal but still angry and sad, i don't want to go to class i just want to binge and purge and drink all day :'(

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  1. I decided years back that FUCK EVERYONE, on my Bday I was going to sit on my ass and watch ALL the movies I had to miss through the year because of Uni.


    I told people they could turn up or not, but be warned it was a movie marathon. They were cool with that.

    Whatever, I got to do what I wanted XD

    Dammit, I wish I lived closer. I would have brought my OWN booze and we could have gotten merrily hammered and talked shit. Vodka and diet coke? Jager and diet ginger beer? Yes please! :D

    *Huggles* Happy late birthday, love <3