Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i have never ever had a hangover before :) it is awesome being my mother's child sometimes. i had a shot for every year i've been on this planet (20) and i walked home, and i woke up my roommates, and i woke up this morning on time :) epic win.

plan for today:
b- had 2 eggs, oatmeal, plum (245)
l- celery, carrots, broccoli (85)
d- veggies, beans (200)
maybe i'll go to the gym today? i need to at least do weights.

i feel weird today. like im sitting in the library and im hiding in this chair in a corner at the top floor and there are like no people at all except sometimes a person will walk by and im like terrified its an alien or something or that they see me and think im hiding up here cuz im looking at porn or something... and then there are all these bookshelves and they look like they're dancing or something... idk
im so fucking hungry. i wanna lay in bed all day and binge and not go to class but im already on campus, no sense in going back to my dorm, and also i have to turn in a paper blehhh but i just wanna wear sweats and watch disney movies and eat pizza and smoke weed

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  1. I've never had an hangover before either and I drink like a true Scottish person haha. Shots for every year is awesome though! I did it on my 18th and will do it again in a few months for the 19th.

    I giggled at you thinking people will be an alien though! xo