Thursday, September 8, 2011

it is so easy to be a zombie during the day. i dont ever think about anything really. but before i go to sleep everything crawls into bed with me, and i cant sleep. i laid in my bed last night from 10 until 2, awake, crying, finally fell asleep, and woke up way too early today at 6:30.
:/ i dont really know what else to post about.
i hate everything. i just wish it would all end. im tired of people being all like, "oh it could be worse, you could be dead" or "at least you're still breathing"
like, HELLO NEWSFLASH the fact that i AM still breathing is THE WHOLE MOTHER FUCKING PROBLEM.
i fucking hate people. seriously. nobody understands.
i dont want you to cheer me up, i dont want your fucking advice. i dont want you to talk me into or out of anything.
all i want is someone to listen, to actually for real hear me, and at least try to understand. i want to be able to talk without having to get bullshit feedback.
i just want to not be alive anymore. this isn't worth it.

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