Sunday, September 25, 2011

what the hell?
i found all my old journals from when i first started really losing weight. i fasted for 6 whole days once and lost like 30 pounds in a month. i used to do "liquids only" for days and days and every wednesday was "zero calories wednesday"

what in the actual fuck happened to me? it was SO easy then, like i literally was a fucking PRO at dis shiiit.

so............what's stopping me from doing all that now?
oh, yeah... nothing!

i will be fucking skinny. i used to make collages, i have over 300 of them in a folder with my journals. and i will be making a lot more of them.

today i have had about 750 calories today, it is 2:15pm, and i am green tea fasting for the rest of the day. i will be fasting this week sometime. wednesday will be no calories.

im gonna fucking do this. im tired of not actually working for it like i used to.
i will be working out some this week, mostly just weights so i don't lose muscle. the only food i have in my dorm is frozen veggies, eggs, and a pound of dry black beans, so i can have protein after i work out but basically that will be it. fuck all this being fat shit.


  1. You've lost 70 pounds, try to remember that incredible accomplishment. You may not feel like it, but objectively, you have very, very NORMAL stats, especially going by your measurements. I completely understand wanting to be thinner though (it's part of this whole mess, isn't it? You're never thin enough).

  2. I know what you mean with the whole being so good at it. I read my blogs from when I first started really losing, and I was eating practically nothing. What the fuck happened?

    We'll get back on track. <3

  3. I used to be a lot better at dieting and exercising a losing weight too. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. Maybe follow the diet you used to. Like if you wrote down the foods you ate, just copy several good days out of there and eat the same things until you get back in the swing of things. We can all get back on track.