Monday, December 27, 2010


something to do today finally!
im going to a friend's house for her bday slumber party :D
normally i wouldnt even go, and i know my anxiety is gonna be through the roof, and im probably gonna be huddling in a corner not talking and being really quiet, but at least i wont be at home!
in preparation for this, i took 5 laxatives last night to clean me out, and i played ddr today for 2 hours, burned 500 calories, and i haven't eaten at all today.
why? because she always has lots of food at her house. and she alread told everyone there will be pizza and cookies :(
im going to make it a goal to have no more than 2 slices of pizza and no more than 2 cookies. i think thats safe enough for a sleepover. ill sneak into the bathroom to do some crunches or something.
and definitely taking laxies when i get home :p
im so excited though because theres like gonna be 6 girls total and i havent seen most of them since graduation so it will be nice to see some old friends and not feel so lonely :]
super excited!!!
even though i didnt have money for christmas presents for anyone, so i will feel really awful when everyone else is exchanging gifts :( damn being poor ugh
but anyways ill let you know how it goes! i need to shower cuz i just got done DDR-ing
i love DDR its my hero <333
i hope everyone starts off their week this week in the best way possible!!!
i love you guys <333


  1. have fun, you can do it!

    stay lovely. <3

  2. have fun heather, drink lots of diet drinks to fill you up xxx