Sunday, December 26, 2010

dryness :/

my skin is dry
my hair is frizzy
i have cottonmouth
my nails have become brittle
even the insides of my ears are like dry and itchy and flakey
what the hellll
i put on like half a bottle of lotion.
and i exfoliated everything so it wouldnt look so gross.
i deep conditioned my hair in the shower
and i drank some more coffee
and painted my nails so you cant see how blue they are
and put warm olive oil in my ear to make it not so dry

im still overweight, but everything else looks dull and dry.
mostly because i dont drink enough water :p bleh
oh, and my hair falls out ALL the time :/ like everywhere :/ so i take hair skin and nail vitamins.

im hoping that this routine of vitamins and lotions and deep conditioning my hair will hekp these signs become less visible.

im high as fuckkkk ahahaha
i just spent an hour smoking and looking at my body in my mirrors.
and picking at my skin lol but yeah an hour in front of a mirror
i so wanted to grab my notebook and make a list of every single flaw so that i can check each one off as i perfect those flaws.
i think i might do that one day. it would give me a visible goal to be working towards, and would most likely get me to my goal weight :] win win? yes yes.

im listening to video killed the radiostar lol wtfffff
omg skype date with the new bf in a little bit :D yay
i miss him. 8 more days til im back on campus and out of this hell hole!!!

today was ok ish i think i had like 700 calories but burned off 500 of them on ddr yayness

goin to friends house tomorrow night its her bday :D
then someone i used to be good friends with is comin over and imma smoke her out cuz shes not a pothead yet hehehe

this week should go by fast, i hope, then i can be back on campus and back to bettering myself. i was gonna fast this week but like idk yet i think ill just restrict alot and exercise more too. i have to look good when i go back to school :] <3

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  1. i havent been high since thanksgiving, so im really jealous. :P ... even though im tipsy right now. hahaha.
    i love video killed the radiostar!! hahaha.
    and thank you for the comment. (: