Wednesday, December 29, 2010


i had way more than two slices of pizza..
and way more than two cookies..
not like a binge, i had less than almost everyone there, just way too much for me...
and now im home...
and im taking laxatives.
and im making myself not eat until new years day.
i hate this part :/
and im sooooo hungryyyy right now i could eat like everything :(

BUT i did have a TON of fun, and being away from home made me feel better.
and i stayed for two nights instead of just one which was awesome.
and we went shopping.
and i totally missed my friends more than i thought i did.
and i don't really know what to do now that im home.
and my mom is like watching me like a hawk, and idk why.
and i really need to buy more laxatives. i have to before school starts. but idk how to get any because i dont have a ride and if i ask someone for a ride theyll probably ask what for.. ugh

i wish i could make lasagna.

i just got home and there is already too much tension in my house. tension makes me nervous. im one of those people that eat food when i get nervous :/
i hate my mother.
i absolutely loathe her.

it has been like 3 months since ive thrown up.
welcome back, lover <3

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  1. Well done on resisting :D I am fasting til New Years Eve too, having fruit or veg in front of my Dad if necessary...good luck stay strong xx