Saturday, December 25, 2010

my first different christmas :]

i went to hang out with my older half brother and his family instead of mine.
i dont know any of them, because ive only ever met him like 5 times.
hes quiet just like me. like shy and stuff. i think we probably have a lot in common, but idk. his family is really nice and sweet and they totally made my christmas a good one :]
PLUS i got to smoke with my older brother haha he smokes good shit :] merry christmas to meeeeee!!!!!!!! haha except i ate way too much today but its christmas. im fasting starting tomorrow. until my friends sleepover monday night.
my mom bought a shit ton of diet sodas. i havent had soda in forever but i drank a diet dr pepper today 0.0 nom nom nom i miss it alot lol so i have calories free things to fill up on until monday night and its gonna be like an all girls sleepover party with pajamas so i dont have to look extra special or anything so if the soda makes me all bloated its ok i guess.
then im gonna try to do 500 calories or less until school starts. im probably not gonna make it to 140 by new years, but if i dont go out trying my damndest then its not worth it right? no calories christmas eve, until night time hahahaha i wish alcohol was calorie free :p
then new years day im starting the abc diet. idk how long imma go for but im going to try really really hard this time. maybe i will make my goal 135 by valentines day :]
that sounds amazing, AND realistic, because it gives me like a month and a half to lose ten pounds, which is totally doable if i dont come home over weekends lol
im so totally excited for next semester to begin i only have ten days until classes start and only eight days and 9 hours until i can go back to my dorm to my safe zone and to my cutieface boyfriend :]]] yayyy!

i totally forgot that soda has caffeine lol its 1 am im on my 6th today xD
no more soda for heather lol
i usually dont drink it anyways, but right now the bubbles feel amazing inside my numb tummy with a little candy and my brain is numbed too and i feel like the bubbles are making me float into the air <3
if i wasnt so fat then this combo of highness and bubbly tummy probably would be enough to lift me off my bed <33
i got a new ddr game. i plan on playing it all day tomorrow.

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  1. aww You sound so happy!
    I'm glad you had a great Christmas with your Brother :)
    You can totally lose the 10 pounds By feb 14th. Im going to try and join you on that!! :D

    Have a great break!!