Wednesday, December 1, 2010

another good day, and it just even started :D

roommate and i went to her love interest's dorm last night.
his roommate is ADORABLE!!!
it was like 5am, i had fallen asleep, roomie was asleep with her guy, and mr. adorable goes "do you want to stay here?"
im half asleep so i dont answer
"or i could walk you back to your dorm?"
me- "only if you stay"

who's a genius???
so he stayed the night and it was awkward because were both sort of awkward and then so were just laying there talking about nothing and he falls asleep but i cant because my heart was beating faster than african bongo drums on speed, and he put his arm around me :D
and this morning when he left to go to class he hugged me :]
so, i guess that means he likes me?
cuz ive been trying to figure it out for like a week and a half... he gives me cigarettes, he tickles me, he scared the shit out of me last night when i walked out of the bathroom, he walks me home sometimes, and then he stayed the night.... thats a yes right?

sooo... what do i do now? i mean... i dont wanna say anything just in case im completely wrong but...
i think i really like him :D hes so fucking cute xDDD

fasted for 40 hours :D breakin fast right now with coffee and a pop tart :] i think my heart beat so fast last night that i already burned off these calories xD


  1. yay i'm happy for you i'm no expert (really i'm not i suck in these matters) but it sounds positive

  2. :D, idk i usually dont get too attached until the whole kissing thing starts but thats just 16 year old me. :P
    im thinking its a yes though. (:


  3. :] aw, gotta love the infatuation phase in a relationship <3