Thursday, December 30, 2010

3 days

until school starts
3 day fast
who is with me?
for real this time, im doing it. i have to.


  1. I'm in. I have nothing to lose.

    Except weight.
    Ahahahahahaha. I'm fucking funny.
    I might just do liquid, there's no way I get through a New Year's Eve party without drinking at least sparkling cider (yeah, the party I'm going to? NO FUCKING ALCOHOL. And the girl's parents will be there. I'm so pissed I'm not doing anything grand and full of things that are illegal).

    Jesus, I wish I lived next door to you. We would have so much fun not eating and getting high and laughing at everyone who isn't as cool as us (aka the people who SUCK BALLS).
    p.s. I love your new layout. Meant to mention it beforee. :]

  2. If it weren't for the New Year's eve I'd probably join in the fasting. Good luck!

  3. im probably fasting saturday-monday. because i start school tuesday, ill let you know.
    good luck!