Monday, December 13, 2010


i did some real exercise.
i missed ddr so much lol
i played for an hour and a half and burned a little over 500 calories, and i only ate some yogurt (100) and a fruit cup (60) today so far. i still feel huge and gross but better and im not going to eat anything other than like vegetables tonight for dinner so hopefully tomorrow i will feel back to normal ish. this weekend sucked :p im debating on taking my last two laxatives but i think ill save them for a real emergency. and plus i've been taking chitosan daily for about a month so most of the fatty foods i ate will come out eventually anyways.
idk what else to talk about lol
i need to find something to do. i need to shower and call the state attorney's office about my drug classes but i don't want to :p blehh
btw: my mom really did eat like somewhere between 8 and 20 brownies with whipped cream and almonds and chocolate syrup for lunch yesterday.... i could understand maybe 5 at most but like those brownies were really rich and wayyyy chocolatey and my mom is nowhere near as much of a chocoholic as me so i was just like omg... o.o
gross :p
but ive totally done that before :/ so i cant say much.
i threw out the rest of the sweets :]
and the bread because bread is another weakness. i told my mom it was moldy.
how is everyone on this fine monday? its chilly out <3


  1. Lol it is chilly out and rainy where I am! Wow, get your mom into some sort of chocolate eating contest, cause thats impressive ;] sounds like you had a pretty good intake today! <3

  2. sounds like youre doing amazing! i need to exercise more. how has the chitosan worked for you do you think?

  3. ahh! that is impressive, go your mom. haha.
    it is currently below freezing here, and we have been having some bits of snow come down, but not enough to do anything.
    about ddr, does it tell you how many calories you burn or did you find this out?

    stay lovely. <3

  4. It's 10°f over in Buffalo. Sooo cold. Bah. As to the creative brownie might have done that in my chubby days, but not now. Never again. Not to be all high and mighty. I've eaten much too much today -_-'

  5. thats amazing! i wish i had that! oh well haha.