Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i am so overwhelmed by all of this FOOD
im trying to stay sane
ive eaten salads every day since ive been home, so hopefully it balances out all the other stuff :/ yesterday and today weren't SO bad, 1000 calories give or take :/ but nowhere near where i should be :(
tomorrow will be better. and i hopefully will be going to walmart tomorrow so im gonna buy laxatives. i still haven't taken my last two yet, but i think today could be the day :/ blehhhhh

but like today and yesterday i ate a LOT but it was all relatively low cal foods like lots of salads and vegetables but still :/

lots of fiber though, so i guess its not all bad, and mostly 'negative' cal foods

and now im just making excuses for my horrible self control. :/

admit it heather: i have no self control when i am at home.

i will fix this. starting tomorrow.


  1. admit it J, you have no self control ANYWHERE
    but i'm reaaaally guna start fixing this, tomorrow.
    well done hun yr doin great! and looking great too ;) xx

  2. i have no self control at home either haha there's just so much available to eat, it's so tempting lol