Tuesday, April 12, 2011

day 9 :]

i think i'm back on track for this week. i had 465 calories so far today from a luna bar a smoothie and some pretzels and i might let myself have a salad for dinner while i watch biggest loser, and then i'm going to bed so i don't binge.
yesterday i worked out like beast mode :D
and today i went running/walking and i can finally go 5 miles in an hour so i'm happy about that.
i love the nature trails on campus they are perfect for running.
tomorrow is a fasting day, so my plan is to either sleep in and not let myself have enough time for breakfast or to wake up 2 hours before class so i can go running before my first class, or i can sleep in, go to class, and go running after my first class before my second one because there's a 2 hour gap between them...
ok sorry i had to type all that out lol im trying to sort my thouhghts...
here's my plan:
tonight- shower, biggest loser/ salad, sleep
tomorrow- class, run, class, tanning until bf gets out of class, refuse food bf gives me, sleep
i miss you guys i need to catch up on all your blogs :/
ily <333


  1. Good luck tomorrow, and have fun tanning! So jealous. (:

  2. Wow! You sound like you're doing amazing! Good luck and keep up the good work :)

  3. I hope you had fun tanning and great job on getting back on track! I just wanted to say I found your blog only a few days ago. I started from the beginning and it has been SO inspiring! I’m very overweight and have tried every freaking diet out there as well. (I weigh like 65 pounds more than your highest weight-gross, I know!) I went vegan for ethical purposes a year ago though, but only lost 10 pounds. Then about 6 months ago I found water fasting and the raw vegan diet. I did a fast for 12 days and lost 20 pounds! When I wasn’t fasting, I would eat small amounts of raw fruits and veggies. I had never felt better. Unfortunately, I gained the weight back on a 3-day binge about a month later. Since then, I’ve been on a crazy eating frenzy and I feel DISGUSTING. I really need to get back on track. Your blog gave me the inspiration and motivation I needed! I’m so glad to have found someone that “friended” ana at a higher weight and has been so successful. I often feel discouraged when I find other people who “friended” ana at a low weight to start with; thinking I’ll never be thin and pretty like them. You give me hope that even at my weight, I may one day be able to be beautiful like you! Thank you so much! I hope you reach you goal!

    (P.S.- Thanks for letting me share my story and thank you for all the inspiration! You have a new blog follower. =] )