Wednesday, April 13, 2011

day 10 :D

fasting day :] i prolly got dis. it's 6pm, i haven't eaten anything all day, AND i went running for an hour ish this morning and so far today with walking back and forth to class and my run i burned off 1208 calories, so i'm way negative right now. all should be fine unless bf wants to get food.
i dont know what ill tell him, but i dont wanna be anywhere near food today. theres hardly anything in my dorm, so if i just stay here and dont get high then ill fall asleep eventually and it will be ok. the only problem is i cant fall asleep without smoking recently, so idk how imma fall asleep, but if i dont, then ill just pretend to be asleep lol

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  1. I find I have a similar problem with getting high as well. I try to avoid it occasionally because I don't want to get hungry, but sometimes getting high is the only way I can sleep. I've found that if I can keep myself preoccupied for about 20-30 minutes after I get high, I am no longer hungry. It might work for you too. =]

    Great job today! I hope you had fun with your boyfriend and hope you didn't have to eat with him. Keep up the great work! You're such an inspiration!