Thursday, April 21, 2011

day 7 :/

fail. 1192 calories. laxatives? yes, please... even though i burned 1257 calories, but still.
all i can do is drink coffee and water to flush it out and run today before my mom comes to get me and the bf for the weekend. (im taking him home to meet my family, in case i didnt say that before)
blehhhh lol fuck getting the munchies lol but i love weed sooo much :]]]
this weekend i really will have to resist the munchies cuz there is SO MUCH FOOD AT MY HOUSE!
i'm kinda feeling a fast today. or like a 200 calorie day. and then fast tomorrow too at the beach. and then weigh myself saturday, as the official end of my 8 day plan.
omg! publix has a scale right next to the bathroom... :D so i dont need my own now, if i need to weigh myself ill just run or bike up to publix :D
im all like absent minded right now im gonna go run to clear my thoughts and do some yoga :p
byezzz <33

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  1. Hey, even if your intake is higher than you'd like, if you make up for it with your outtake, you should feel amazing!! Take care, dear :)