Thursday, April 14, 2011

8days day 1

black beans (140)
fruit smoothie (125)-- would be free but it has protein and juice added into it
salad- free
dressing (10)
protein bar (210)
total= 485
output: -2006
net calories= -1521
i was a beast today :] i went running twice.
i won't usually do that, unless i'm up to it, or if i'm awake early enough to go before AND after class lol but still :] good day.
now i just gotta fight off the munchies @.@


  1. Great job! I really need to get to running again. But heck, you're a freaking (pretty) beast! I would die if I ran twice in one day. =]

    Haha, I'm fighting off munchies as I speak. Sometimes it's fine...other times it is "bottomless pit syndrome." I find I look at thinspo when I'm high. Keep myself drooling over the body I wish I had long enough to forget I was hungry. Good luck!

    (I'm "pretty" as I'm sure you guessed. This is just my new display name).

  2. Just curious if you experience any problems with blisters on your feet when you run? I get them really bad and would like to find a way to prevent them. If you have any suggestions, that'd be great :)