Monday, April 4, 2011


gotta get back to losing. im tired of this maintenance crap, but at least now i know i can do it :]]
abc day one- 500 calories
here we go!!!
who wants to join me??? any and all support will be greatly appreciated :D
this time, im gonna take it day by day and stick to the calories 100%. and as long as i get up and move at least a little everyday, i won't strain myself to do exercise, but i will do lifting at least twice a week to keep my muscles and tone them.
im also focusing my calories around protein, and the fasting days are 0 calorie, which means diet coke black coffee and tea are ok.
after abc im jumping into the skinny girl diet again too. which i think is awesome because the calories are slightly higher than abc so i can work on increasing my intake at a gradual speed instead of binging.
april will be binge free!
feelin very excited
and determined
and so ready to jump headfirst into this
i know im going to kick ass this time :D


  1. Good luck. I know you'll kick ass! You can do this. (:

  2. I've never heard of this diet.... I'm looking at what you posted and it sounds very interesting. Goodluck!! Keep me posted 'cause I'm tempted to try it out.

  3. I would join, but I'm physically unable to do ABC. Probably because I'm such a fatass binger. :]

    Love you, good luck!

  4. If I wasn't crook as a dog I'd be all over that with you!

    Binge-free April. We can do this! :D


  5. You're so inspiring to me, you really are.

  6. ditto regarding what kat said. it occurred to me when catching up on everyone's blogs that you were the first of these blogs i started reason over a year and a half ago and youve come so far. i truly wish i was as strong as you, my body needs me to do the abc or at least skinny girl diet.
    keep trucking xxx