Tuesday, April 5, 2011

abc day 1 and thanks :]

first off, i wanna thank all of you who commented. (Emuhlee, LakiSwirl, Kat, Peridot, ImpracticalShopper, and of course, Charlie <3) you guys are amazing!
secondly, here's how i did yesterday:
b- egg, 2 egg whites, coffee (102)
l- strawberry smoothie with protein booster (125)
d- cheese doodles (112)
snack- luna bar (180)
total= 519
walking (-618)
sex :D (-112)
net total= -211i went over but only by about 20 calories and i more than burned those off so i won't beat myself up. as long as i never go over by more than like 50 calories, i will be satisfied.
so last night my bf and i were right in the middle of having sex, and at one point we were staring into eachother's eyes and i knew what he wanted to say, because i've been wanting to say it for a long time, but he didn't so i asked him what he was thinking and he was like idk and i was like tell me and he goes "wow" so i say "wow what?" and he goes "wow you are so beautiful and amazing and just everything" and then we continued our 'exercising' teeheehee
this was me on day 1 of abc, first thing in the morning. lots of improvement needed. i shall do it!

today will be a good day :]
i love you guys <333


  1. I think I should have more sex just so I can include it in my deficit, lol. But I also love having those sweet intimate moments with the bf in bed ! Good luck on ABC hun, wish I could join but I need the energy during my weekdays :(

    PS: I nominated you for the versatile blogger award a few weeks back :)

  2. That is soooo cute with you and your bf :)
    You have amazing boobs by the way lol.
    And congrats on your day!! sounds awesome :)
    Gotta say, I am pretttty jealous of the sex lol