Thursday, April 7, 2011

abc day 4

b- smoothie (125)
l- egg, egg white, black beans (156)
d- steamed veggies (40)
snack- greek yogurt (70)
total= 391
walking (206)
sex :D (56)
net calories= 131

almost went over, but caught myself. obviously i didn't fast as planned but that is ok because i didnt go to the foam party anyways.
i need friends.
nobody in my immediate circle is anything like me, and none of them like anything i like, so i never get to do things that i want to do because i don't have anybody to do those things with. all the people near me wanna do is study and go shopping and go get food and fucking why not go clubbing every now and again?
the people around me are so fucking boring. lame. i hate them almost.
but i don't have any friends, so it's not like i can really complain.
whatever goodnight

1 comment:

  1. Ah, I feel the same way around my boyfriend's friends. Most of the time I'd rather just be alone. They hate me too, actually. They're boring and pretentious for the most part - except 2 or 3 of them are exceptionally wonderful to my beau, which makes me have to love them.

    Anyway. I imagine people who club are normally pretty extroverted, you could probably just go and have a whole new group of friends by the end of the night.

    But again, I'm terribly awkward and wouldn't know anything about this.