Tuesday, April 19, 2011

bf update and day 6

bf is fine, they didnt run as many tests as they should have which really pissed me off but his vitals were fine and they discharged him today. he says he feels fine. it's really a mystery, b/c he left my room at like 10 sunday night an i didnt hear from him until monday at 2 ish, but he seems ok now, he just has to go see a neurologist sometime soon to get more tests done on his brain. just in case he's epileptic.
in other news, he FINALLY said the 'L' word :] <3
horrible timing jake, horrible timing lol

so today wasn't the best of days, but definitely an overall good day i guess. i went over my 500 limit, but only because i was in the hospital all night and the only food we had was pizza and starburst jellybeans haha

b- starburst jellybeans (113)
l- pizza (i only had the 2 smallest slices!!!!! GO ME!!!!!) (273)
s- smoothie (125)
s- protein bar (210)
and for dinner, if i have any, i will have only vegetables, which are free :]
total= 721
running (-780)
walking (-412)
net cals= -471

i guess i won't beat myself up too much. after all, i have stuck to my plan pretty much except not running for 2 days this weekend, but i ran twice on one day last week, and if i run twice tomorrow or thursday before i go home then i think i should still be on track to be under 150 by saturday. we're going to the beach friday, so it will most likely be either a fasting or very very restricting day because i HATE eating before i go to the beach and i usually don't eat while i'm ath the beach cuz it makes me feel gross.
speaking of beach holy shit i need to do some toning exercises o.o
ttyl, gotta body to go build <3


  1. I'm glad your bf is ok! The neurologists should take good care of him, since there's only so much the ER can do in a night. Yay, he said the L word, that's always such a good feeling!

    Have fun at the beach! I also hate eating before going, it makes me feel bloated and gross. I usually fast/restrict a few days before to feel prepped, but toning is the best way to go!

  2. Lol, the amateur bodybuilders at my gym only train later on at night, coz the stuff they do is NOT good for building functional strength! (I watched Nick and asked him, and he said that was why)

    I'm so relieved! Lol, shit timing, but if you think you're gonna die and you may never get another chance to say it, it certainly DOES pop out! XD (Better late than never?)

    I hope they find out what happened and that it is something treatable.

    Ugh, eating at the beach=SAND!! I hate gritty food! D:

    Love you, take care ok?

  3. That's good your bf is okay! Hopefully whatever happened will be treatable or a random one time thing.
    Awwww...that's cute. <3

    Don't beat yourself up at all. You didn't go over by much. :) For having to eat food that was unexpected and unplanned, you did great!

    Good luck with toning! You're going to be gorgeous! (Not that you're not already amazingly pretty!)

  4. i'm so glad your boyfriends okay! that shit can be scary.
    have fun at the beach :)