Saturday, April 16, 2011

8DAYS DAY 2/3 :D

odwalla super protein bar (210)
steamed broccoli and carrots (free)
black beans (70)
salad (free)
dressing (10)
ice cream (280)
running (-796)
walking to/from class (-206)
net total=-432 calories :D

yesterday was awesome, minus the ice cream, but i'm currently the only one awake at my friends house, and right before she went to bed my friend just like grabbed me and goes "you're eating this ice cream with me"
fuck off ugh
i hate being surrounded by a society obsessed with food in the opposite way i am obsessed with it :/ but at least i had salad instead of pizza like she did :] i did not touch any pizza at all :] thats deff a first for me :D
but i still ate way too much ice cream, and i didnt have to put chocolate syrup on top :/ oh well.
i'll go running as soon as i get back to my dorm.
my plan for the rest of the day.... idk :/ im still at my friends house because were having a yard sale so hopefully ill be too busy to eat anything really and i already planned on making me and her eggs for breakfast because i wanna be nice and get some protein in cuz i havent had much protein lately :/ fuck not having money ugh lol
but anyways, i'm going to try my hardest to stay under 500 cals. she has lots of veggies here, so ill just nibble on that if she says anything about me not eating.
if i go over 500 im doing my run route twice. no more fucking excuses.
i'm so fucking wired on coffee omg i havent slept at all tonight ive been awake for 18 hours, and i wont be able to sleep until like wayyyyy later cuz of the yard sale and then im going running and then hanging out with the bf tonight ;D if ya know what im sayin tehehe (exercise is implied ;)

to end on a really really good note, i havent weighed myself in almost 2 months, and my friend has a scale..........and im only 153 :D i thought for sure i would be like 160 cuz i was binging alot, but i was also exercising alot too so i guess it worked itself out. this also means im down 3 pounds since i got my birth control shot sometime in march :{D not alot of weight loss, but still a loss, so its still awesome and im still awesome and im even more motivated now!!!
OH AND I CAN SEE DIMPLES ON MY BACK you know like the really adorable ones that some girls have on their lower backs??? theyre what i wanted almost the most and now i have them :D barely, but theyre starting to show :] and i am very very happy about that.

my next goal is to be under 150 when i get home next saturday, because i know the scale there will tell me exactly how much weight i have lost, because its the one i used to use all the time, so its the one i generally go by. thats only 4 pounds in a week (psssshhhhhhh i got dis lol)

wish me luck!!!!!
i love all of you! <333


  1. Eeeeee! I'm so jealous! I want dimples! Hehe. =]

    Congrats on the loss and doing so well! Seriously, just reading your blog makes me all too excited to start my diet and finally be thin. :)

    Good luck with the 4 pounds. You can do it, girl! <3

  2. ditto to pretty poison
    im uber jealous!!!
    you are such a beautiful fitty, i reeeally need to start burning hundreds of cals heather style! well done doll xxx