Tuesday, July 5, 2011

when i started this, i wanted to be able to say ive lost 100 pounds.
i started at 215, ive lose about 75 pounds, if i can do that, then another 25 pounds will be a piece of cake.
wait not cake....
a cup of tea :) yes


  1. You go girl!! You can do it. And good mindset :)

  2. Listen, I've been through this craziness before also. You need to know that there is a greater LOVE out there that wants to help and save you. When I found Jesus my life changed. You are killing yourself. All this yo-yoing and wild living will lead to a life worse than death. Whats the point of being skinny with liver cancer or if you die during a wild night? When i gave my burdens to Jesus I loss the weight and the hate that I had for myself. Contact me if you want to talk.

  3. You're doing amazing! I love your blog. You are over halfway done, you can do this! Keep it up. :)