Thursday, July 7, 2011

i've been working out for an hour every single day since sunday, i will not let this streak end until this sunday. 7 days in a row, an hour everyday!

30 min weights, 30 min cardio

but i just dont feel like it today :( i woke up sad.

im trying to talk myself into taking a rest day, but i ate ramen again last night and it so wasn't in my plan so i need to burn it off but rest days are, like, crucial or something...right?

it’s really just me being lazy, i need to go workout :x


  1. Maybe do an easy day today. Like just go for a walk or something. If you decide to run then do it, if not just keep walking. It's an easy exercise, so it'll sort of be like a rest day, but it's still exercise so it kind of won't be.

  2. You do need rest days. I train alongside endurance sport pros and bodybuilders, and even THEY take at least 1 rest day per week, even in the month just before a competition.