Friday, July 29, 2011

since tuesday, i have gained 3 inches in my tummy.
my favorite pair of jeans that are usually loose on me are tight and my stomach is spilling over the top :( it hasn't been this bad in a while.
it is the start of the weekend.
haha get it? weak-end???
sorry, bad joke
anywho, today all i had was like...
oatmeal, strawberries, hot chocolate, broccoli, protein shakes...
1000 calories exactly.
burned some running and stuffs earlier, and i cleaned for a good 2.5 hours at least, and now i have to lug all my shit home, which means boxes and bags and tv and mini-fridge which i will count as working my arms and back :p lazy ass motha....


  1. Protein shakes are the best! They protect your muscle so you only lose fat when your cal counts are low.
    And as a side effect....heehee I notice people don't expect an ana-thinking girl to drink them so using these bodybuilder type foods is a great way to keep suspicion down. Works for me anyway.

  2. Protein shakes are awesome, I tend to have one a day!
    Good calorie count! I hate seeing girls having really low ones cause its so damaging.