Tuesday, July 26, 2011


i need to get the sugar out of me.
fruits veggies protein shakes and eggs for the rest of the week.
fitness goal is to just workout everyday, no matter what that means.
i could do just weights, or just cardio, or just ten minutes of both, as long as i do SOMETHING!
i cant live with myself like this :(
im massive, and i jiggle more than i have in a long time...
i cant kill myself yet because i refuse to die fat.
i need to be in the 130s by the time fall starts.
so, im back on the pro-ana wagon, and im going to start abc august 1st.
until then, i have to shrink my stomach as much as possible, so abc will be easier.

i have six days, here are my rules:
1- no more than 300 calories per sitting
2- no more than 900 calories a day
3- 1 fruit and 1 veggie at least a day
4- alcohol does not count, mixers/chasers do count
5- do some form of exercise everyday

freebies: water, black coffee, tea, diet soda, liquor (lol), gum

i feel cracked out, i had like 6 cups of coffee :D
time to go work off yesterday's sugar binge >:D

btw, i love peri <3


  1. Hi there, just wondered if you wanted anyone to join you in that ABC? 'Cause I was been planning on beginnig it the 1st myself. Thought we could cheer for each other and such?
    And it also makes it a lot easier to follow if you have a companion (I know from experience).

    Well, let me know what you think :)
    Stay strong girl!
    - Bella <3

  2. Good luck getting ready for ABC and with ABC! It sucks getting off track and then having to get back on. But you can do it! Just stay strong and remember that you want to be skinny!