Saturday, July 16, 2011

i burned 900 calories before 10am :D
later im going to start working on a new goal: to run a 5k in 30 minutes?
ive never kept track before, but i can do 5miles in about 45 minutes.
what's a good time to do a 5k?


  1. 5k is about 3.11 miles, so you could run 5k in 30 minutes. You probably already have. If you run 3.11 miles in 30 minutes, that's a little less than 10 minutes a mile. But if you run 5 miles in 45 minutes, that's 9 minutes a mile. Maybe you should try to run 8 or 9 miles in an hour or something. Or try to run 5 miles in 30-35 minutes or something.

  2. Wow that's awesome (: I wake up early to exercise at 5:30am daily but i'm asmatic so I just enjoy a brisk walk or jog haha oh well. I really admire your strength <3

  3. Wow! I don't think I've burned that many... ever! Awesome job :)