Monday, July 25, 2011

i gained ten pounds this summer.... after losing ten right before summer -______-
this was after a three-day binge-a-thon at home, however, so it is possibly just water weight, but STILL
ugh :(


  1. Hi Lovely, I read your last post. I took a bottle of Naproxium sodium landed me in the was a bad 5 hours. You didn't end up in the ER?? I am really surprised. I don't encourage you to kill yourself but I will tell you what the ER doctor told me. Taking over the counter pills like that usually don't lead to an OD.

    The weight is probably just water weight. I went on a crazy binge once, and after I got back on track it evened itself out.

    Are you doing any better financially?

    One time I didn't have a lot of money so I bought some granola bars with almonds in it. I would break it into a lot of pieces, and it got me through along with diet coke.

    That was when I lived in the dorms (I believe you are living in the dorms right?)

    I think you also are in recovery??? (Am I getting confused) I did that when I was in University too.

    Anyways, I am always here to help in anyway I can love <3

    Stay strong
    Hitomi <3

  2. God i know the feeling. If there was a lot of salt involved it is most likely water weight and will go down in a couple days.