Friday, October 21, 2011

so im going on a roadtrip to clearwater to see the sunset tonight and then to st auggie to watch it rise in the morning...
lots of drugs
my anxiety is through the fucking roof...
i cant eat the whole time but then theyll notice and im just like aaauguhghguhzlvfb\hbdchJAV
and i legit cannot do fast food, no way no how... i feel like even the water at mcdonalds has grease in it :(

also, im kind of pissed at these "friends" because yesterday was supposed to be me cody and emily in the nature trails and weed and yeah and now its me cody and his two guy friends and weed and lsd and ecstasy in a car for 24 hours... ugh
so yeah :(
nothing ever goes as planned, and when i try to make plans people are all like "oh your idea sucks mine is better lets do this instead" like oh fuck you heather
yes, fuck me, fuck every fucking thing

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