Wednesday, October 5, 2011

“i am tired, i am weary, i could sleep for a thousand years…”

i’m going home. i failed my plan, and idgaf, tbqh. i’m going to try my hardest not to binge so much when i get home, and i am going to make some amazing coffee. i don’t have money for starbucks so i’ll make it at home, i’m going to treat myself for no reason, and i don’t care. i’m gonna try to take it easy, and figure things out. i’m gonna catch up on all my homework, and next week i will not miss any classes. i just want to be perfect, but this whole thing is turning me into the opposite. i wish i could die, but obviously (after 3 overdoses and 2 car accidents and going 2 weeks with no solid food- multiple suicide attempts) my body is immortal, and i am a god. so whatever. this weekend will be full of gourmet shit and schoolwork. and hopefully i’ll get the courage to go to my brother’s football game.


  1. You must have someone looking over you to keep you alive.

    And you should treat yourself just for being you. That's a good enough reason

  2. you are following my wrong blog, babe.

    find me here: (it's hidden)

  3. What a horrible experience that you encountered by now you were a lucky guy until now you still have a blessed with god to stay on your foot.

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