Thursday, October 20, 2011

just a quick update i guess, nothing is really new :/
monday =2932 calories
tuesday= 2072 calories
wednesday= 955 calories

i did so good yesterday until i got back to my dorm :c
today though, i am gonna do lots of drugs. and fast. if i eat anything it will be oatmeal or soup or beans.
omg i had 99g of fiber yesterday :x lol like seriously wtf why do i love black beans so much?!?!
they dont give me gas like everyone else, that is a plus lol

anyways umm... i had to withdraw from one of my classes, my poetry class, because i never go and i cannot afford to fail, and all my other classes are great so yeah thats what i did. also, i need to go to the gym like asap because i havent been in weeks :'c

uhh... thats about it. if i dont update over the weekend im either way stoned, tripping, or (hopefully) at the gym. im not going home for two weekends. im forcing myself to stay at school because i need to stop all this bingeing crap. and if i run out of food ill just starve then. i have enough beans and soup and coffee to last me two weeks lol xD

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