Monday, October 3, 2011

*don't freak out ok*
i haven't ever really had any of the special drinks from starbucks :X
so0o0o0o0o i told myself, if i follow my plan for this week, i'll try the pumpkin spice latte :)

pretty much no food all week. i'm only allowing like black beans right after my workouts. i have to lift weights 10x before i go home next thursday/friday, and i have to lift weights at least 4 times before i get pumpkin spice latte. i’ll get the latte on friday on my way to the library. i can make it that long, right? i looked it up, if i get nonfat milk and no whip, it’s only 260 calories and has 14g protein, so it’s totally ok to get one right after i workout (yay protein).
i plan on lifting weights today (done!) tuesday, thursday, and then friday right before i go get it :)
idk why i'm so excited about this latte..... i seriously have only ever had like the light sugar free caramel frappuccino with soy not milk, and like... black coffee... and tea lol
anyways, i think it's a good goal to work for.
also, i'm going to fast this weekend. 50 hours, starting as soon as i finish my latte (i think, it depends on what plans i make this weekend)

so yeah.... two weeks til i go home. oh and if i feel like i'm dying i'll make popcorn :p

k im going to nutrition class now where she'll teach about why your body needs certain nutrients (that come from things other than beans and popcorn.... :P) in order to survive.
i already know like everything she is teaching us.... basically off to class to zone out :p

then imma watch for the love of nancy :)


  1. That is actually a good movie. Sad ending, but overall.. a really good movie. I hope you enjoy (enjoyed) it.

    Stay Strong Girl! Good luck on your fast. I made it 96 hours without food and almost forgot how to start eating again. It was really weird. But felt SO nice. :)

  2. Pumpkin spice is good. Peppermint lattes are good too!

    I like the idea of working for something. It's a nice reward for staying on track with everything. I'd probably just have the latte as a meal - I'm incredibly impatient. I'm thinking of implementing a point system to evaluate how well I'm doing with my workouts and intake and everything - kind of make it into a game so I can quantify my successes and failures. Similar to what skinnyobsession9 is doing.

    Nutrition - I should really take that, too. It's really hard to get into at my school though. Really popular class.

  3. That drink sounds so nice! I might have a check and see if we are going to get it in the UK.

    The love of Nancy is quite a good movie. One of the better ones based on eating disorders.

    I wish I could do a nutrition class at college. We don't offer anything like that I don't think.

  4. Lol, they don't even have a starbucks in my country!! Haha! :D