Friday, October 14, 2011

interview went ok
1090 calories total today
haven't eaten in 3 hours
tummy growled
now it wants vodka

oh and also, the way i was standing in that picture made me look smaller, btw, i was bending over, which naturally makes anyone who has their legs far enough apart look like they have smaller legs, theyre actually just fat and flabby
i might put a real picture up tomorrow
or i might not
because well im gross duh

ok well..
total is 2050 :(
mini binge
minus the vodka
shoulda went straight for the vodka, i never eat when i'm drinking :(((
i stopped myself though cuz my teeth hurt really bad so that's why it was only a mini binge, and i keep having this image of purging and my teeth floating around in the toilet, so when they started hurting i just stopped everything and chugged like a gallon of water....
im gonna go pee a river now and go sleep :(

1 comment:

  1. it happens babe. Chin up. You are amazing.

    p.s LOVE your hair!