Saturday, October 1, 2011

good thing im not jewish xD
well i pre-partied for next saturday then, cuz i had a nomvom fest today while mom and little brother were gone sooooo
i feel so loopy xD
except my eyes hurt from straining, and my cheeks are getting puffy
im downloading hannibal rising!
omfg mom has vodka in the freezer :D
i got everything out when i purged i think im pretty sure i did so ill just fast for the rest of the day or have a small salad for dinner and then imma get my drank on and watch hannibal rising :)

oh, bad news: im 150 again *stabbity rip stab stab* fuck my LIFE!
but its ok cuz its october now and im not coming home next weekend and i have no money and no food in my dorm so i will just fast like for the next two weeks or something yay so ill be skinny on halloween.... maybe
i wanna lose 10 pounds by then, totally doable as long as i dont binge. :)


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  1. Let's all make a pact to not binge in honor of slutty Halloween costumes =D This is important, y'all! Hahaha hope you had a fun night xoxo