Thursday, October 6, 2011

i lost two pounds!!!!! im almost back to the safe zone. ten pounds to go to get back to my lowest.

what i’ve eaten today (trying so hard not to binge)

B: coffee X4 (125), 3 egg whites (48), cheese (80), imitation bacon bits (15), apple (50) = 318

L: green tea (0), chick peas (110), green beans (45), sweet peas (60), pear (60) = 275

total= 593 calories, 14g. fat, 18g. fiber, 38g. protein

i have no idea what i am having for dinner. we literally have no salad vegetables :( and the only protein i can get is from beans (calories) or cheese (fat) because we’re almost out of eggs… i might skip dinner and just chug water.

OH that reminds me, i’ve had 6 glasses of water today… i usually have 6 glasses of water over a period of a week, so i’ll probably be heavier in the morning because i retain water like crazy. but that’s ok because i need to drink loads more water anyway. i don’t feel like working out really at all, so i’m distracting myself with schoolwork and stuffs.

we’re also out of splenda, so my green tea tastes like shit but i need to get used to not using splenda because it is expensive and unnecessary.

i really don’t want to binge but i know later on today i’m going to be really hungry and i’m terrified of what could happen. i feel so bad for eating tons of food at home because my mom just lost her food stamps so she has no money for food so like the food that is here has to last them for like an unknown length of time, and my bingeing on it definitely makes things worse. i always try to binge on the cheaper food like pasta and oatmeal and stuff because it’s not as expensive and they don’t really ever eat that kind of thing, so idk. bleh.

my throat hurts from last night. i threw up three bowls of ramen and two bags of popcorn :p

achievement unlocked: public bathrooms.


  1. WTF, why do you put sweetener in green tea?? Do you get that semi-fermented Oolong crap? If you want a sweeter green tea, go for Jasmine Tea.

    I think you just broke my brain.

    *Hugs* If I lived in the same country I'd send you guys some supermarket gift vouchers or something for christmas. We have a setup at work where you can choose to get some of your pay done up in gift vouchers (5/10/20/50 a week) and get them all a few weeks before christmas.

    Hope you have a good day <3

  2. Go you!

    Green tea is so nasty! I have no idea how you can manage to drink the stuff.

    Haha!! That is exactly why I find it hard to be social. I hate people despite the fact I want to do a very people person job. But people make me feel awkward and anxious and nervous... Plus they tend to suck majorly! xx