Sunday, November 29, 2009


got one:

idk why though, ill probably just copy/paste entries from here to there... lol
mostly cuz xanga girls have amazing thinspo, something i'm in desperate need of if i'm going to finish abc.

and i AM going to finish abc.
no matter what.

nighty nighty lovelies <33


  1. :] I have a xanga account I maintain just for the log-in required thinspo sites. <3 I'm with you on that.

  2. I made a xanga forever ago.
    I'm shrinkwraperotica .
    I have never written anything in it...I dunno why. It seems way too....different from here. Too easy to be found? I dunno. It creeps me out in a way XD But you're right. Some girls have some amazing thinspo on there.

  3. Thanks for the support (:
    Now I know I can finish today after yesterdays mess up.

    we can do it!