Monday, November 30, 2009

thanks for the lovely comment,

but i think i'll just ignore it and move on with life. except for to say that if your taking the time to tell me how insecure i am, probably means you have insecurities yourself, eh?
but then, who in today's world doesn't have insecurities, unless your amazingly gorgeous and famous or something.
but then, even meagan fox has insecurities, which leads me to believe that yes, everyone is insecure about something.
so i won't judge you, even though you're taking the time to judge me.

bitch :p

yes, diet mt dew is sex for my taste buds... like oral sex??? hahahahaha

veggies and hummus- 100 calories

excellent so far! off to watch the tyra show :]


  1. Ok this is SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT--what channel does the Tyra show come on? It came on Fox, but now Ellen is in its spot, and it just DISAPPEARED, and I can't figure out what channel it's on! It's a very serious problem as the Tyra show is my number one guilty pleasure. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT! ; D

  2. Oh and don't worry about that girl's comment. Because... well... I don't want to be mean, but I just read her blog and it made me want to kill myself in the way of escaping ever having to witness someone be that stupid ever again.

  3. I totally second heebeejebus's second comment. I felt the same way reading her blog >_<

    Kudos to you, Heather, for acknowledging the comment and taking the high road on it :)

  4. I gotta agree with the other commenters. What a loser, and not even worth the time to mention ever again. :]

  5. my favourtie bit is if you look at her profile it says something about i dont care keep your comments to your self

    she should take her own advice