Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i remember

when i used to write on here everyday.
when i used to write in my thinspo journal everyday.
when i used to look at thinspo everyday.
when i used to exercise every night, even if it was just a little bit.
i remember no calorie wednesdays, and fasting on sundays.
when i used to tell myself everyday that today is a new day, and i will do my best for today and not dwell on what happened yesterday, and not worry what will happen tomorrow.

when i used to focus on making today the best possible day.
when i used to lose weight...

i miss it.
and i think im coming home now.

because today is a new day, and its the perfect day to start over.
every minute is the perfect minute to try and make today a better day.


  1. Oh, I'm happy you're being so positive!! :)

    It'll be easy for you to get back into habit, I'm certain. Post often!

  2. Well, I for one miss you and welcome your return <3

  3. YES! Ahh I miss it too. When I was so focused an on the ball, and losing weight. It's so weird that you say "coming home," because I remember binging for like a month and then restricting again... it honestly did feel like I was coming home.

    This post was really inspiring. : )

  4. I miss when you used to post everyday too ! And you can totally get back into the swing of things. I'm in the process of doing that too =]

    Welcome back <3

  5. Good luck with sticking with that, I know you can do it but extra luck never hurt anybody :). Keep us updated hun. xx

  6. God it's so hard to get back there.
    I struggled in that place of not caring for over a month and a half, and now I'm struggling not to fall back into it.
    The motto that keeps me going is "One day at a time. Today is the only day I have to worry about doing this."

    Because if I think about tomorrow
    or the day after
    or the day after that
    or even yesterday
    then I get too tired.
    And I stop caring.
    And I think, "I'll do it tomorrow."

    No, only today. Today is the only day left, and the only day we have. I just focus on getting through one hour at a time, one day at a time.

    I hope you find the thing that makes it work for you.